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As the display of Fall color works its way into our New England landscape we are hard at work here at Casertano's preparing for another exciting Holiday Season.  If you have not yet received our updated info including the complete 2016 Holiday Product Listing please call our Main Office and we'll get that to you right away.  Last year we completed work on our revamped facility just in time for the holidays and it really made a huge difference!  Our greens and finished products are cold-stored in a fully shaded environment complete with a built-in fogging system and the overall level of quality has never been better.  The addition of eight loading areas with air powered docks and lighted bays has greatly increased our ability of rapid turn-around on your orders.  At Casertano's we take the holidays seriously because we know how much this season means to all of you!

Going Green! Our availabilities are now updated on this site weekly. If you need pricing please contact Chris or Mike and they will get you set up! If you are interested in receiving our availabilities please email Nick and just let him know that you would like to receive this weekly and he will get you on our list!

Please contact our Main Office: 203-272-6444
If you have any additional needs or questions.

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