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Thank You for Your Support!

As a new spring season begins to unfold we would like to take a moment to thank our customers and friends for your continued support and loyal business.  We have been working hard throughout the winter months to prepare for this coming year so that we can continue to provide your operations with our premium quality annuals, perennials and groundcovers.  We have expanded our loading facilities which will allow us to provide rapid, on-time deliveries to all of our clients across New England.  We have also continued to increase our overall production so that we can offer you the best of the tried & true while maintaining our efforts to be an industry leader in terms of offering the the newest introductions.  Spring is here and the folks at Casertano Greenhouse are ready!  Warmer weather, longer days and garden centers filled with customers...this is the moment we have all been waiting for, let's do this together!

Going Green! Our availabilities are now updated on this site weekly. If you need pricing please contact Chris or Mike and they will get you set up! If you are interested in receiving our availabilities please email Nick and just let him know that you would like to receive this weekly and he will get you on our list!

Please contact our Main Office: 203-272-6444
If you have any additional needs or questions.

Thanks from all of us at

Casertano Greenhouse!

The 5 Season Model:
The Right Plant for the Right Time

Early Spring, May Madness, Late Spring-Summer, Fall and Winter

Whatever the season, we are here to provide your business with the quality products you need. Please refer to our weekly availability list for plant material and product status. If you would like to receive the list please contact us. You may also download it here from our website at any time.The following list is a sample of what we can offer your business throughout the year. Continue through our online catalog to see our full list of varieties, flat and pot sizes. Keep an eye also on our weekly availability list for new products and specials.      Read more

If you would like more information, or would like to set up an order please feel free to contact our sales staff here at the office. 203-272-6444
"Our philosophy to make retailers successful has been the right plant at the right time. We’re not interested in selling an A to Z group of annuals or perennials in early April, clogging up retail shelves and then waiting for a reorder."
John Casertano, Vice President and General Manager
Spring Annuals
Beautiful Geraniums!
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