Welcome to Spring 2018

Ever have one of those winter seasons that wants to start in March and go into April? We know how you feel! Good news for all of us, Spring is here! Our greenhouses are loaded with high-quality color and we are shipping product. Our Weekly Avails are back in action, please take a moment to check that page. We are looking forward to working with all of you again this year. Let's turn this cold, slow start into a successful spring to remember!

As I'm sure you're all aware the concept of sustainability has become a hot topic these days. And the burden of ensuring that our efforts to beautify this Earth are also compatible with sustaining our environment is rightfully placed upon our industry. Remember we were the original "Green Industry" long before that became a term for wind and solar power! As farmers and growers if we can't count on ourselves to do the right thing for our environment then who are we really expecting to do that?

That's why we are happy to share with you our recent certification with MPS. A lot of work went down here over the past year to make this possible. We encourage all of our friends in the industry to rise up to this challenge.

 If you need pricing please contact Chris or Mike and they will get you set up! If you are interested in receiving our avails via email please email Nick and just let him know that you would like to receive this weekly and he will get you on our list!

Please contact our Main Office: 203-272-6444
If you have any additional needs or questions.

Thanks from all of us at

Casertano Greenhouse!

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